Column: September is here

 I can’t deny it any longer. Wondering through the streets of Ghent, I can only confront myself with the fact that fall is coming closer. In every store new wintercollections are displayed. Windowshopping in winter is fun; you can dream about drinking cocktails at the beach and having that perfect sun kissed skin. You must enjoy that because by the end of the summer the bright colors have to make room for Mr Black and Mr Brown. 



It may seem that I dislike the more colder months. Nothing is less true. I love fall. Nothing feels more like a fresh start then the month of September. Not even New Year’s Eve can compare to the feeling I get when September begins. Why do you ask? There lots of reasons why. When you’re young summer is about making decisions in your life. Mostly about the studies you’ll take up. When the ninth month begins you’re making these choises come true. But don’t forget about the fashion part. Whether you made changes in the job you’ll do or  which courses you’re going to follow, you change your habitat. Changing your habitat means that you’ll meet new people. New people who don’t know you yet, so you want to make a good impression. For most people, the first impression is made by something you’re wearing. That’s why a sense of any style is so important. Since we’re talking about this crazy month when everybody spends their money on new clothes and hairstyles, we mustn’t and cannot forget about ‘The September Issue’. Anna Wintour, editor-in-chief for American Vogue magazine, even made a film about it. If you ever want to buy Vogue, you should buy the September issue. It’s the fashion bible; it sets the trend for the year that’s coming.

Have a lovely start of this new (fashion) year!


Inspiration: Black !?


For those who know me this post will not come as a surprise. I love to wear black: from clothes to nail polish, black is my colour. You’re always dressed appropriately in black. It’s a sexy yet classic colour and I just feel most comfortable in it. Don’t get me wrong, I love bright colours too, but they seem to be too ‘loud’ for me. Here are some quotes to back up my love for this dark, mysterious colour.












News: Chanel FW 14 campaign

Under the moto ‘Coco Coach‘ Chanel launched its complete fall-winter 2014 campaign with Cara Delevigne and Binx Walton. The duo goes running, boxing and even weightlifting in their superdeluxe outfits.

What do I think about this campaign? I don’t understand this campaign at all. I don’t think it does the label any justice. Chanel is supposed to be a classic, almost snobbish label for women with style and grace. I understand that they want a young, up-to-date image. They also go along with the idea that working out is, more then ever, a part of life. You could say that working out is the new black. But still, I don’t like this campaign. I’m also tired of seeing Cara’s face everywhere. Am I the only one thinking this? Or do you agree?


















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