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I’m the type of girl who loves to spend her money. Next to clothes, shoes and accessories, a lot of my money goes to books. If I had to choose between a new pair of sneakers or a new book, I would definitely go for a new book because I believe something magical can happen when reading a book. I love everything about it: the journey, the feel of turning the pages, the scent…

This Christmas, I got two books from Taschen and I couldn’t be happier. Taschen is an art book publisher founded by  Benedikt Taschen in Cologne, Germany. It’s the place to be for those who love design, fashion, photography,… Althogether: everyone who loves to read quality books should visit Taschen.

TASCHEN 365 Day-by-Day. Fashion Ads of the 20th Century

The first book I got was: 365 Daby-By-Day: Fashion Ads of the 20th Century. It’s a fashionable calender that you can use year after year. Every day comes with a quote and an inspiring image.


© Taschen



© Taschen



© Taschen


Fashion Designers A-Z. Prada Edition

The second book I got is :Fashion Designers A-Z Prada Edition. I got the banana print! What I love about this is that I have one of the 2000 copies that are made in this Baroque-inspired print. Next to the banana-fabric, the book is also available in the feminine tiny “hearts,” the abstract geometric “diamonds,” and a floral fabric reissued for Prada from the 1960 Holliday & Brown archives. The book is crafted by hand at a bindery in the heart of Italy, and stamped with a unique number, every copy is an instant classic! A real eye-catcher!


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© Taschen



© Taschen



If you love books as much as I do you will be interested in the Taschen Sale. Every six months, Taschen organizes a sale where you can buy every book on your wishlist with a huge discount (minimum 50%). From thursday the 22nd  to sunday the 25th of january you can shop your showpiece, don’t miss out!

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Rue Lebeau 18
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