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Style: My septum

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I have been wanting to get my septum pierced for months and Saturday I finally found the courage to do so and I couldn’t be happier. Why was I struggling to get it in the first place? There are two major reasons why it took me so long. First of all I’m a pussy when it comes to pain. I’m the type of person who looks things up on the internet only to feed my own fear. In my Google search history you’ll find things like: “Septum pain level”, “septum piercing gone wrong”,… I’ve watched plenty of videos of girls (and boys) getting their septum pierced only to discourage myself from getting what I really want. I know it’s wrong to do this but I really can’t handle myself. Yes, I admit, I am the that kind of girl who googles any ‘unusual’ pain I experience. If it were up to the internet I have had all types of cancer, survived several strokes and I’m that one in a hundred who suffers from a certain kind of weird illness. The internet is lovely but if you have a tendency to be a hypochondriac like me, the internet is your worst enemy! For those who want to get their septum pierced but are a bit scared like me: yes you can feel a little bit of pain, but it really isn’t that bad at all!

The second reason why it took me so long to get it done was the reaction I would get from others. Before getting my piercing, I asked several people how they felt about people with their septum pierced. Most of the responses I’ve got were negative ones. But in the end I don’t really care about what other people think.  I do this thing called whatever the fuck I want! And as you can see, my piercing is making me pretty damn happy and happy girls are the prettiest!


Style: The playsuit

The city

During this heat wave some of you might have some trouble finding the perfect outfit. It’s too warm to wear long pants, you don’t feel like wearing a mini-skirt and you think denim cut-offs are too mainstream for that party you have to go to. There a ton of options left and one of these options is the playsuit. A playsuit is the shorter version of a jumpsuit and you can wear it to go to the beach, to a festival or the city and with the right accessories you can even wear it to a fancy dinner party.

Struggling with the styling? Not sure if you can pull it off? You can find some inspiration here.

For those who like online shopping: here are some cute playsuits I found on ASOS. I made categories: playsuits approriate for the beach, the city and playsuits you can wear to go to diner. (click on the pictures to go to the product page)














Style: Jeremy Scott for Moschino


Carnival is coming closer and I think I’ve found the perfect outfit just in time. I’m not really the dressing-up kinda gal, because let’s face it: costumes can be a bit unflattering. But have no fear, Moschino has the perfect solution for you! Last week Jeremy Scott presented his FW14-15 collection in Milan, and it got me thinking about finally participating in a Carnival procession.

If you like Spongebob, McDonalds and Fruit Loops, this collection is right up your alley. Think Chanel meets McDonalds, cows are très fashionable and you will get everyone’s attention by walking around in your favorite box of cereals. But not in a good way: clashing colors, designs we’ve all seen before and an overall kitsch dominate this collection. 

What shocked me most was my reaction when I saw my IG feed. It was full of people who really liked his collection. “Jeremy Scott for Moschino, soooo amazing #fabulous”. Are you kidding me? Ok, I admit fun and quirky designs are Jeremy’s signature, but this collection is by far the worst collection I’ve ever seen.

Take a look yourself.














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