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Beauty: Dermalogica – introduction

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Every once in a while a girl needs some me-time instead of we-time. That’s why I book at least one beauty-treatment every two weeks. I need to get my nails done, pedicure, waxing, massages,… You name it, I want it, I book it. Addicted much you say? Not really, I just think it is important to threat my body well, after all ‘mens sana in corpore sano’. Dixit: a healthy mind in a healthy body.

Last weekend, I had another appointment with my beautician. I needed a facial treatment. When it’s this cold outside, protecting your skin is priority number one. When you’re using beauty products it’s always good to know if the products you are using are the right ones for your skin. My beautician works with the brand ‘Dermalogica’. I used several brands in the past: Clinic, Shiseido and Clarins but I’m always up for improvement so I was excited to discover Dermalogica. Dermalogica was founded in 1986 and is known for its innovation, pure ingredients and result.

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After my treatment, which was amazing and relaxing,  I bought this little gift set with a precleanse, a special cleansing gel and the active moist. These little versions of the normal packaging are ideal if you want to test the products. It’s important to see how your skin reacts to certain products and after a month, if you’re not happy about the products, the investment wasn’t that big.

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If you’re not protecting your skin right now and you don’t have a lot of money to spend on products, I suggest you go to a pharmacist to get you started. They will advise you a cleanser and a cream. Make sure the cream has UV-protection because this is the only thing you can do to protect your skin from aging too fast.

I will be testing the products from Dermalogica and write a review later this month.


Beauty: It’s all about ‘Bob’

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It’s that time of the year again: it’s time for some change. I’ve been complaining about my hair a lot these last few days and I feel like I may need a new hair color and style. I had long hair when I was little, then I chopped it of. Drastically, because people in my street thought there was a new boy in the neighborhood. So I’ve had my fair share of beauty bloopers by the age of 18. Think short hair, thin eyebrows, looking like an orange because back in the day it was super cool to use autobronzant and don’t forget my Timberlands. Yes I’m from the decade where everybody had Timberlands. So I’m starting to feel old, because I can hear myself think: “Well, everything comes back in fashion.”

But back to the hair. I need something fresh and clean. Low maintenance but fun! And what better solution is there than the bob. The bob is not a drastic change. It’s perfect for those who seek something new, but are scared of chopping of their precious hair. The perfect lenght for the bob is one that ends below the ear and above the shoulder. And you can play with it: do you want it straight? Or do you prefer a more messy bob? Everything is possible: Bob can do it!

Here are some inspirational pictures for my soon to be new hairstyle. I’m still in doubt about the color though!







Beauty: HD Brows review

Yesterday I went to my beautician for my HD Brows treatment. But what is HD Brows? It’s a seven-step eyebrow shaping treatment that focuses on design. It involves a combination of techniques including: tinting, waxing and threading. 

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 24 hours before the treatment you have to do a patch test to make sure you’re not allergic to the products for the tinting. You can see that coloring is het first step. My eyebrows had to be a little bit darker to match my hair. The benefits of tinting the eyebrow is that you can color all the hairs around the brow, also the little blond ones. That makes it easier to shape the brow. After the tinting, the shaping of the eyebrow can begin. The method that is used here is to mesure your brow by looking at the pupil of your eye. After drawing out the shape, the waxing and threading can begin.

You may think that waxing hurts. We all know several movies where woman scream while getting their legs waxed. It’s a cliché and it’s not true. Ok, waxing is not a pleasant treatment like getting a massage, and yes you feel it, but it’s a short ‘pain’. It lasts two seconds, then it’s gonne. If you’re thinking about getting yourself a pair of HD Brows, you should not be hesitant. The waxing happens in little steps, so you may not feel a thing. But maybe I’m not a reference since I’ve been doing brazilian waxes for a long time.

The treatment takes about an hour. In Belgium there is only one person who followed the HD Brows-course in London: Esthetiek Ilse D. I was very happy with the result and before getting your HD Brows you get a facial. After the treatment, your face gets sprayed by a tanning spray and she provides your eyelashes from  mascara so your face lookes fresh, clean and healthy. I’m one happy costumer and I made sure I had my second treatment before the holidays.

If you want to get HD Brows you can contact Ilse: or through her FB page: Esthetiek Ilse D.
The treatment costs € 45. 



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